“With Pyramid our cash collections have increased in excess of $8 Million. I would certainly recommend them to others looking for an improvement in cash and Days in AR.”

Sacred Heart Medical Center

Anthelio Healthcare Solutions can partner with you to offer cost effective Patient Financial Services designed to maximize your cash collections. Our experienced staff utilizes best practices and innovative technology to offer the following services:

Early Out Services – Insurance and Self Pay

Utilizing a team-oriented approach, Anthelio offers solutions customized to meet your Business Office needs. Pre-planning with your key business office personnel allows for a follow-up program established in accordance with your policies and created to generate maximum cash collections. Anthelio is prepared to accept and resolve accounts of all ages, from day one to aged receivables. Benefits include:

  • Accelerated and increased cash flow
  • Reduction of Medical Accounts Receivable days and bad debt write offs
  • Process improvement recommendations
  • Potential to reduce your existing overhead
  • Provides ability to focus your staff on collecting more current A/R
  • Automated workflows using our leading edge A/R management system
  • Automated letters and statement process
  • Seamless integration and transparent transfer of accounts to our system

Industry consolidations and the rapid adoption to more integrated Health Information Systems is creating a need to manage the replacement of legacy systems and manage data migration. Learn how healthcare organizations can significantly cut costs and prevent lost data by implementing an A/R Work Down and an active Data Archiving solution.

Accounts Receivable Wind Down and Data Archiving

Your new system implementation is just around the corner. You’ve dedicated a large amount of time from your leadership team and key staff to work on the new system. As a result, your cash collections are down and your days in Accounts Receivable are starting to rise. There’s pressure to retire your old legacy system early. How do you manage the system implementation and the A/R at the same time and ensure that both tasks are performed well?

Anthelio’s A/R Work Down and Data Archiving solution combines highly trained staff specializing in A/R liquidation and cash acceleration with an active data archiving technology solution that:

    • Provides a cost effective alternative to working your post conversion A/R internally
    • Ensures that pre and post conversion cash collections stay at or exceed current performance
    • Allows revenue cycle leadership and key personnel to focus on successful implementation and training
    • Provides an active data archiving solution that allows for early retirement of old legacy system, reducing costs by up to 80%


Aged Accounts Receivable Clean-Up and Cash Acceleration

Unexpected staff turnover or illness, key resignations, or a system conversion. Any of these can temporarily impact your revenue cycle operation, reduce your cash collections, and increase your days in A/R.

Anthelio offers you an onsite, remote or blended delivery model to assist you in cleaning up aged receivables. Our A/R follow-up experts will analyze the aged A/R, prioritize it, and use a variety of tools to collect your cash as quickly and efficiently as possible. As we work the A/R we also categorize reasons for non-payment, payment delays, and denials. We provide you feedback on these and other root cause issues in the form of a monthly report narrative that also offers suggestions for improvement.

Business Office Outsourcing and Medical Billing Services

Utilizing a partnering approach, we offer a total Business Office Contracting solution to bill, follow-up and collect hospital accounts receivable (A/R). Some hospitals experience up and down cycles when it comes to A/R collection performance. Periodic A/R clean-ups may temporarily improve a hospital’s cash flow and place accounts receivable balances at a satisfactory level. As time passes, however, days in A/R and other key performance indicators can creep back up to previous or even higher unacceptable levels. We work with our clients to establish cash flow and A/R balance goals and address the sensitive issue of what to do with the current employed staff.

Operational Assessments, Action Plan Development and Implementation Assistance

This comprehensive service includes a report of findings detailing the underlying reasons for any performance issues that may exist, complete with action plans and recommendations for improvement. Following our assessment, we provide a complete action plan for improvement. The plan includes specific recommendations by department, listed in order of priority, starting with the highest financial payback. To achieve a permanent solution, our experienced professionals implement the plan in collaboration with your staff. We offer a comprehensive assessment or can focus on a particular area of concern you may have such as patient access, billing or follow-up.

Clinical Audit and Denials Management

In today’s healthcare environment denials are an everyday occurrence. With the onset of ICD-10, providers are bracing themselves for an increase in denied claims. The amount of time to respond with an appeal to these denials is often short. Staffing to handle denials translates to a loss of revenue. Our Clinical Audit Defense Team can be deployed to help during these times. We handle denials and audits including Medical Necessity, authorization issues, medically unlikely edit (MUE), RAC (Recovery Audit Contractors) and more. We also conduct charge capture audits, serve as your external audit compliance team to audit your internal nurse audit team.

Interim Staffing

Many times, the more experienced A/R collection staff is used to resolve credit balances leaving the collections of cash to the less experienced staff. We can enhance your business office operations through our Credit Balance Adjudication program by providing experienced credit balance staff, thus freeing up your most experienced collectors to focus on the collection of cash. Our program also brings your facility into compliance, which is an added benefit.

Specialty Services

In addition to the services listed above, Anthelio also can offer solutions in the following areas:

Medicaid Eligibility Advocacy Services

We provide a team of highly-experienced and well-trained personnel with 1000 cumulative years of experience in government social services agencies, healthcare, and insurance to serve our customers. Our public benefits advocates are well-versed in the intricacies of the Medicaid process. They know how to review, screen and process uninsured patient accounts to recover untapped reimbursement dollars, producing exceptional results for our customers.

Case Study – Anthelio Healthcare Solutions Helps Orlando Health Increase Cash Collections and Reduce Aged Receivables

Unexpected staff turnover or illness, key resignations, or a system conversion can temporarily impact your revenue cycle operation, reduce your cash collections, and increase your days in A/R. Find out how Anthelio Healthcare Solutions improved A/R for Orlando Health.