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Prof Simon Borg Raquo Shoal Of Instruction Raquo University Of Leeds

Teachers’ beliefs and practices almost the efficient consolidation of grammar command ($US20, 000, TESOL Outside Inquiry Innovation, with Anne Burns, Macquarie University)

The brownie of instructor instruction of pre-service elemental English speech teachers (&lbf.;15, 525, The British Council)

Besides promulgated in 2013: Teacher research in language teaching (Cambridge University crush)

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Inquiry employment and lineament in English nomenclature commandment ((&punt;10, 422, The British Council)

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The maturation of forward-looking schoolroom inquiry skills (&lbf.;16, 400, Ministry of Didactics, Oman.Teaching English Radio (&quid;14, 260, The British Council).Delight sojourn for details of late and upcoming presentations.The impact on students of British Council EFL classes (&hammering;24, 998, The British Council). Download final report.

Language EducationUpdated information about my activities is available at  

In this capacity I do not offer supervision to new doctoral students.  

My book on these issues is ‘Teacher Cognition and Language Education’.

A list of my publications is available at

Delta trainers’ cognitions and practices (£14, 995, Cambridge ESOL).

I have been involved in TESOL for over twenty five years, working as a teacher, teacher educator, lecturer, researcher and consultant in a range of international TESOL contexts.My key area of research in TESOL is language teacher cognition – the study of what language teachers know, believe, think and do.From January two thousand fourteen I am a Visiting Professor at the School of Education.

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