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Cancer Registry Services



We provide complete and comprehensive Cancer Registry / Tumor Registry contracted services. Our credentialed registrars and follow-up assistants are able to assist organizations in a variety of functions including:


  • Survey Assessment: Cancer Program is assessed for survey readiness.

    • Commission on Cancer Standards reviewed for Compliance

    • Deficiencies Identified

    • Action Plan for Improvement

    • Executive Report of Findings and Plan of Action

  • Survey Preparation: Assist Cancer Program in preparation for CoC on-site survey.

    • Meet with Cancer Committee to review on-site survey process

    • Review Cancer Committee minutes for required documentation

    • Mock Survey

    • Assist Cancer Registry in completion of the Survey Application Report

    • Assist Cancer Program in compiling required documentation for surveyor and on-site survey

    • Tailor Cancer Registry to meet organization’s environment

  • On-site/Remote Abstracting: Assist in eliminating backlogs.

    • Abstract identified cases using established CoC, State and Facility criteria

    • Experienced and Certified Abstractors

    • State Reporting Support Services

  • Cancer Registry Follow-up Backlogs: Assist in eliminating follow-up backlogs.

    • Assist in follow-up on cases lost-to-follow

    • Follow-up Letter Mail-out

    • Process returned letters with data entry into Cancer Registry Software

    • Perform extensive searches for lost-to-follow cases using SSDI, Internet and other established resources

    • Recommend processes for maintaining current follow-up

  • Cancer Registry Assessment: Assess current operational Cancer Registry.

    • Staffing Analysis

    • A prioritized list of processes that are the most likely candidates for re-engineering

    • An executive Summary suitable for distribution to hospital administration with findings

    • Techniques to minimize any backlogs on a consistent basis

    • Recommended organizational structure for Cancer Registry functions

    • High-level designs for streamlining workflows

  • Outsourcing/Contracted Management of Cancer Registry

    • Institution of Best Practices

    • Reliable and sustained performance

    • Preparation of new 2012 reporting guidelines

    • A valued partnership

Our team has an average of 20+ years of experience in the Cancer Registry arena. All of our Registry staff are CTRs and may possess at least one or more of the following certifications: RHIA, RHIT, CCS, CCS-P, CPC, and/or CPC-H.

We offer a complete line of Cancer Registry Services which includes both credentialed abstracting staff and remote management with advanced technology to help you meet your objectives. Pyramid is proud of our 24+ year track record for teaming with diverse healthcare organizations to help them maximize their financial goals in an ever-changing healthcare environment.

Why Pyramid Healthcare Solutions Excels in Cancer Registry Services


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